Monday, February 20, 2012

In honor of my Dad

My Dad, James Robert Warner passed away on February 10th 2012. We had a gathering of family to remember him on February 17th in the Venice church. He was buried in the Richfield Cemetery. It was so great to honor him, and, to also have my six children together for a few days. Something that has not happened for a few years, and never without children or spouses. Thank you Daddy /Grandpa for that! I love him, and will truly miss him.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

October fun

I am filling in again on some fun things that we have been able to do this month. We took a trip to New Mexico with the Ures and enjoyed the Balloon Festival there with them. That was so fun and amazing. The pictures of the balloons really don't do them justice, and being there was very thrilling......cold, but thrilling.

We had to get up at 5:00 am to get the shuttle and arrive to see the balloons inflate and watch the magic begin. By 9:00 am the show is pretty much over. Lots of other things to do and see.

We then traveled back to Texas to spend some more time with the Ures there. Thanks for inviting us to come on your trip!!!!!! We loved it!!!!

Cabin time this month with Josh and kids has also been great fun. We went two times. The first time was just for the day, and we watched General Conference there as well. The second time was with Deb and Tui, and we slept over night. We had a good time going for walks, eating, and watching movies. Oh yea, we put together some puzzles as well. Stephen was not there because he was at a Scout Leadership Training camp. Catch you next time Stephen.

This is what Deb and I call our "Craft Weekend"

Stephen had to go again to the Scout Leadership camp...........So Deb and Tui came over and spent 3 days with Dad and Me. We went to the wood shop and got some cute ideas for some Halloween decorations, and other fun things. These were simple and just fun . We both had a good time because nothing took very long to do. Check it out! Thanks Deb for spending the weekend with us. Love you all.

This is Debs stuff. Love the Witch's shoe

Sunday, July 31, 2011

He's a Winner!!

So, Von and Ginny and I went to the annual Wells Fargo BBQ and family party. We always play BINGO and some of you have come and participated with us. It is a good time. Well they had the usual prizes for the BINGO winners (including the grand prize 32 " flat screen TV , which we were so blessed to have won last year :), but this year, they also did an employee raffle drawing. And you guessed it...... Von Won the grand prize in the Raffle.........a "Nook color". We are both very excited ( well maybe me a bit more than him) to get this going and to see what we can do with it. What are the odds that we would win the grand prize two years in a row???? We had already decided that if by some far fetched change we were to win the TV again this year we would give it away to some one there. However, we are not generous enough to give up the Nook. I am going to have so much fun!!!!!!! I mean WE are going to have so much fun! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Ures and the Goblins

The first week of June we took a trip with the Ures to Goblin Valley and enjoyed hiking in "Little Wild Horse Canyon". This has become a family favorite. Aside from loosing Mia it was a great adventure for all. We were separated from Mia for about 20 min. Just a few minutes of panic, then all was well.

The Kids so loved to climb the red rock and we discovered that Tayson is very much like his Grandpa Von. We would loose track of him only to see him on the highest cliff, just thrilled to be there.

We had the most amazing camp site ever!!!! It was very private and we had our own canyons to explore and climb right there. The kids had as much fun at the camp site as they did in Goblin Valley. The six cousins had a great time in their imaginary worlds of castles and kingdoms. It was so fun to watch them enjoy the splendor and each other.

We had good food, wonderful weather, and great company.

Goblin Valley can always be counted on to be a good time. This picture is of Derid, Tayson, Caleb and Sammy after much climbing and playing.

After two nights of camping, 3days of adventure we had to say good-bye to the Ures. They headed back to Texas and we headed home. We hope to have many more trips with them it was Great! Great! Great! Love you all.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Park City trip

Surprise!!! I know, I know, It has been ages, and believe me it is not because we have not been doing things........just the opposite. I have so much to share in the last month alone that it will take me a few postings. I have decided to start with the most recent and work back. So this is about the fun trip I just took with Deb. She had a couple days off with nothing to do, and I was free as we did a little trip to Park City. We went window shopping down the historic Main street, and we stayed at the Silver King Hotel ( it is awesome to stay in Park City during off season because the rooms are so much less money and we had the pool and facilities to our selves). Our handsome husbands came up after work and spent the evening and night with us which was so much fun! They both went to work the next morning and Deb and I went to the "Utah Olympic Park". There were museums and we decided to take the tour. It was very fun and interesting. We were taken to the top of the "Ski Jump" and looked down as the athletes did just before they took off down the jump......Scary!!!! It was amazing. We then did some shopping at the factory outlet stores and both had a great time. Loved it Deb, Stephen, and Von

I will be posting some more things soon, so keep checking. We went to Connecticut, Moscow ID, and Goblin Valley this last month. Great time and pictures in each of these places as well.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A quick catch-up

We always have fun at our Family Home Evenings, and love to see many of you there each month. Dad did the lesson on Temples, and we took this picture to remind us about the importance of our family. We missed those of you who were not there for this picture!!! Come next time please. :)

I feel bad that this picture is sideways, but I can't turn it just tilt your head. We went to Lubbock TX. to see the Ure Family and to join in their lives there. This is Dad eating lunch with Tayson's Kindergarten class. We all did, but I had control of the camera. It was a fun thing for us all......the kids loved Tayson's grandpa.

We also went to the church Halloween "Trunk or Treat" party. It was in the parking lot of their Stake Center which happens to be right next to the Temple. It seemed a bit weird to be dressed up in Halloween costumes withe the Temple for our background. But we got over it pretty quick.......Who is that cute Cat and Dog???

No surprise that the Ures were all dressed for fun. Mia just would not wear her princess crown. The kids loved the party, and received lots of treats!

It is fun to have a Moss connection there in Lubbock. Tod and Jen Moss invited us over for a "Harvest Dinner". She had prepared about 8 different vegetables and a chicken as well. It was my dream those veggies. They are a great family and we had such a good time and visit.

We made a few hikes this fall. Love this time of year!!!! The mountains were sooooo beautiful and the smells and sounds just add to this great experience. Love it!!!

We went up to Silver Lake and walked around the boardwalk there with Josh and his kids. Deena and baby Hannah were home for a little peace and quiet.

Samantha was baptized and Hannah was blessed on the same day..November 6th.
We are so pleased that we could be there to share that with them.

We are also pleased that Ginny was baptized on November 7th. What a neat experience it was for Von and I to participate in having the Missionaries in our home to teach her and to answer her many questions and to feel of her spirit. We are blessed to have her in our home.

After Ginny's baptism we invited all there to come and join us for some food. Ginny spent many hours cooking Chinese food for her guests. They loved it. She had many friends there to support her. It was a great evening. Thanks to our family for their help.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yosemite with the Moss'

We had such a fun time with the Moss family in Yosemite NP. We met at the campground on Wednesday evening....after a 12 hour drive for us, and several hours from San Jose Calif. for them. What a great reunion! The boys and grandpa jumped right in with playing ball, and checking the area out. Becky and I started dinner and talked. Good times! The park is so beautiful, and the mountains are amazingly grand. The pictures to not do it justice. We went on several hikes.....longer than than the boys wanted most of the time.....but were very good about it and did very well. We hiked to this waterfall. In the spring this waterfall is about ten times bigger, but we thought is was great just the way it was.

The weather was beautiful and pleasant. For being the off season, there were a lot of people. I guess you can't expect to have the park to yourself. The boys sure love to hike and play with grandpa...and he sure loves to hike and play with them.

We took one day to go to the waterfall, taking our time to enjoy things along the way. Lots of big boulders and trees to climb and water to throw rocks in.

Our camp was a bit different from other camp grounds that I have been in. The tent/cabin was a three sided cement structure, the forth wall is canvas. It had a double bed and a bunk bed, and some selves. It also had elctricity. Then on an inclosed patio space there was a table and a place to prepare food. A firepit was also provided. Not bad at all!!! We had two camp sites right next to each other. We ate yummy food at the table, and played games there as well. The "cute" squirrels were all over the place. And by the time we left they truly were not so "cute" anymore. It became a battle of the fittest for our food. We didn't always win!!!

There was a wonderful and beautiful river and beach area by the camp site. Of course the guys all jumped in the freezing water. Becky and I took pictures and enjoyed the unbelievable view. The water was really very cold, but all the boys (except Isaac) went all the way in.

Because we went in September, we missed the impressive waterfalls that Yosemite is famous for, but we still had some breath taking views, and didn't lack in amazing things to see. Wow what a world God created for us to enjoy......and respect.

I took about 300 pictures! Everywhere you looked was something to take a picture of. This is the Half Dome that is so famous in the Park. Beautiful!! The family in the picture is not bad either.

We hiked around the BIG "Sequoia" trees that are part of the park. Some of these trees have been there for 2,000 years. We loved walking among them, and the kids could play and climb. There were fewer people here, and that made this so pleasant and gave me a chance to "feel the spirit of the trees". I loved it!

So much beauty, but the really great thing was just being able to spent time with the Moss family. Thank you so much for inviting us to tag along!! Playing, laughing, hiking, swimming, eating, talking, joking, getting really dirty, yes....all these things are better shared with the ones you love. We love you all!!!!!

We saw some wildlife that grandpa would want you all to know about.
coyotes, deer,.....and he saw a black bear on our way out of the Park Sunday morning (about 4:30am). And of course the huge, fearless, squirrels.